Richard Garfield

A brief tribute on the inventor of Magic the Gathering

The likeness of Richard Garfield depicted on a Magic the Gathering card

Early Life:
  • Born in Philadelphia
  • Great-great grandson of President James A. Garfield
  • Had a passion for games at a young age
Education and Career
  • Bachelor of Science in copmuter mathematics, later studied combinatorial mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania
  • Began working on Magic the Gathering as a Penn graduate student
  • Launched Magic in 1993
  • Published RoboRally in 1994, Vampire: The Eternal Struggle in 1995, Netrunner in 1996.
Achievements and Today:
  • In 1999, Garfield was inducted into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
  • Garfield teaches a class titled "The Characteristics of Games" at the University of Washington.
  • Still sporadically contributes to Magic The Gathering.

To learn more about Richard Garfield, visit his wikipedia entry and Magic The Gathering's website, which can be found here.